About DVS

DVS is a free resource hub that supports evidence-based education for dyslexia. We promote evidence-based programs that have been independently, scientifically peer-reviewed and published in reputable scientific journals.

DVS is a place to seek advice and support. You can get involved, come to information meetings or just be a Facebook member. We don’t require a formal diagnosis for you to be a member or attend support group meetings.

Dyslexia Victoria Support operates first and foremost as a Facebook Group. Every day, new members join our group, share their experiences and support each other.

Our Facebook Group is run by a volunteer team of parents, who have a passion for sharing information, raising awareness, offering support to dyslexic parents, children and adults and raising awareness about evidence-based education.


What is Evidence-Based Education?

The only way to approach diagnosis, intervention and an ongoing learning plan for dyslexia is with evidence-based education.

Evidence-based educational programs are those that have been independently, scientifically peer reviewed and published in reputable scientific journals.

There is no ‘miracle cure’ for dyslexia, but there are educational programs, assistive technology and apps that will help.

DVS works with educational professionals to identify the best evidence-based educational programs, qualified tutors, assistive technology and apps that can help your child or you, if you are a dyslexic adult.


DVS Professional Guidelines

We support the recommendations made by AUSPELD: “Understanding Learning Difficulties, a guide for parents”, the Five from Five Initiative, the Australian Dyslexia Association (ADA), International Dyslexia Association (IDA),  Learning Difficulties Australia (LDA), and Royal Australian And New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (RANZCO)

Children and adults can learn to read, spell and write with appropriate educational support.

DVS is run by a group of parent volunteers supported by: Teachers, Speech Pathologists, Psychologists, Academics, Parents, Grandparents, Tutors, Schools and people who have dyslexia.

Who We Are

Set up in 2014, Dyslexia Victoria Support (Australia) began simply as a group of parents sharing support and personal experiences via a Facebook Group 

Over the years, DVS has grown to offer much more: by pooling our knowledge and experience, and with the support of a team of respected specialists, we have built an extensive community and a free, comprehensive resource hub.

Every day, new families and dyslexic adults request to join our Facebook group. Our Admin Team and tight-knit community are there to offer advice and support. You can get involved, come to information meetings or just be a DVS Facebook member. We don’t require a formal diagnosis for you to be a member or attend support group meetings.


Why We Do It

Dyslexia Victoria Support (Australia) (DVS) was created to fill an enormous gap in the community.

Dyslexia is still largely misunderstood and often ‘missed’ or overlooked in the school system. Many teachers do not have the training to identify dyslexia and schools adopt a policy of ‘wait and see’. This leaves parents confused, stressed and unsure of where to turn to gain sound, reliable advice and a plan for the road ahead.

If you are a parent, we have been in your shoes. We have dyslexic children. We have all been through the process of assessment and diagnosis of dyslexia. We have done our own research and found the right path.

We have negotiated with schools to get the best outcome for our children, worked with tutors and attended professional learning events.

We have spent hours monitoring and responding to questions and comments in our Facebook Group and watched hundreds of other parents and dyslexic adults share their own experiences. We have listened to the stories of others, provided empathy and support. We have provided information based on our experiences and successfully connected hundreds of people with evidence-based education options and respected professionals.

This website has been created by a group of volunteers who wished to combine all of the resources and advice we have gained, from our own experiences and from educational professionals, in one place. We hope you find it helpful and supportive in your journey.


Let’s make a change


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Recognition for our work

We are extremely pleased to announce that the DVS Admin Team has won the Victorian Premier’s Volunteer Champions Awards (Teamwork Award).

“Described as the ‘heart and soul’ of Victoria’s Dyslexia Community, the DVS Administration Team work around the clock to give online support and advice to thousands of people on screening, assessments, assistive technologies, and targeted interventions. The team displays initiative, courage and open mindedness, and have developed essential resources, fostered local support groups, convened events and advocated for people with dyslexia.”

You can read our statement here. Thank you Alison Clarke for writing about our win in your blog: https://www.spelfabet.com.au/2018/08/dyslexia-victoria-support-volunteers-win-premiers-award/. We are humbled and honoured.